Aktion Reinhardt Documents

julius schreck kaserne

Julius Schreck Kaserne - Aktion Reinhardt Headquarters

In this section there will be shown a number of documents relating to Aktion Reinhardt, including documents from Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka death camps. A selection of documents from the personnel files of the administration staff members in Lublin and of the personnel who served in the death camps. Documents relating to the transportation of the Jews and their property are also included, as well as documentation from senior SS officials regarding the mass murder programme.

Lublin Administration


Letter from the Waffen-SS Standortverwaltung mentioning Reinhardt on 6 June 1942



Einsatz Reinhardt - Recruitment Pledge -July 1942

globocnik -hofle -wippern048

Letter from Globocnik to Hofle and Wippern regarding dealing with Jewish property - 15 July 1942

Doc 20 -Himmlers Programme

RFSS Heinrich Himmler - Programme Schedule in Lublin District - July 1942

Doc 6 Ganzenmuller - Wolf letter

Letter from Ganzenmuller to Karl Wolf regarding transports of Jews to Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor -28 July 1942

einsatz reinhart letter -sept 42046

einsatz reinhart letter - oct 1942047

Letters to Einsatz Reinhardt in September and October 1942


doc 10 eberl letter 7 july 1942

Letter from Dr Irmfried Eberl  to Heinz Auerswald, the Warsaw Ghetto Kommissar stating that Treblinka 'Work Camp' would be operational on 11 July 1942. This was a little premature the death camp was not operational until 23 July 1942  

Doc 3 Reuter Memo - Hofle

Memorandum of a meeting between Reuter and Hofle regarding Belzec - 17  March 1942


Report by Alfred Israel Marx on the Izbica Transit Ghetto - May 1942

doc 5 fahrplanordnung 565 doc 100

Fahrplananordnung 565

25 August 1942 

Lukow - Siedlce - Treblinka

doc 6 fahrplanordnung 567

Fahrplananordnung 567

26 March 1943

Tschentochau - Treblinka

doc 18 - waybill dated 13 SEPT 42

Treblinka Waybill - 13 September 1942

doc 8 - glazar transport list

Richard Goldschmid (Glazar) - Transport List BU 639  

Theresienstadt - Treblinka October 1942

Doc 6 Schwarzbart telegram

Ignacy Schwarzbart Telegram to Jewish Congress in New York - 5 December 1942

Gentile eyewitness to mass gassing of 6,000 Jews in Belzec


Yad Vashem, Israel

State Archive Majdanek, Lublin, Poland

Mike Tregenza Archive, Lublin, Poland

Bundesarchiv, Germany

NAC Website, Poland  

National Archives - Czech Republic

National Archives Kew, London, UK

Tall Trees Archive, UK

Wiener Library, London, UK

USHMM, Washington DC, USA

Holocaust Historical Society 2016