Chris Webb Private Archive

These original photographic images are part of my private archive which has been collected over a number of years.

bilgoraj -september 1939444

P 001 Bilgoraj - September 1939

german guarding jews - lublin348

P 002 Lublin - German soldiers guarding Jewish workers 

German police in ghetto314

P 003 German Security Police guarding unknown Jewish Ghetto

German police question jews645

 P 004 German Police question a group of Jews in Poland 

germans with jews and geese586

P 005 Warsaw - German soldiers, Jews and Geese 

jewish armband seller 211

P 006 Young Jewish Armband Seller 

jews assembled for forced labour566

P 007 Polish Jews assembled for forced labour 

jews assembled in the market place564

P 008 Polish Jews assembled for Forced Labour

Jews in Siedlce335

P 009 Siedlce, Poland - A group of Jews meet up 

Blank palace warsaw356

 P 010 Warsaw Blank Palace 

petrikau - german police parade 536

P 011 Petrikau - German Police Marching 

polizei by bruhl palace382

P 012 Warsaw - German Police in front of the Bruhl Palace  

pulawy main square -september 1939451

P 013 - Pulawy Main Square 1939 

pulawy - main entrance 498

P 014 Pulawy Entrance to Town 

pulawy -polish captured010

P 015 Pulawy - Germans and Captured Polish Troops - Sept 1939

radom - street scene298